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Presented by Carey Heller, Psy.D.

About the Program: Children and teens eventually become adults, and ADHD and related executive function weaknesses (i.e., planning, organizing, getting started, remembering things) tend to persist into adulthood. In addition, the challenges often change to some degree, and even for some people who learned to thrive with ADHD through adolescence, newfound work and family life obligations can derail them. Fast forward to later in adulthood, and natural mild declines in functioning due to the aging brain can create even more difficulties if the baseline for executive function skills are weaker to begin with.

Dr. Heller will focus on a wide variety of practical tools that adults with ADHD can use to compensate and thrive in life. Issues addressed will include keeping track of tasks, planning, navigating shared household responsibilities, remembering items (i.e., conversations, past events, people’s names), sustaining attention during meetings, and much more. Furthermore, developing good compensation strategies is not just about knowing what to do, but involves understanding basic principles, choosing strategies that fit your needs, and consistent work on follow through to make many strategies become second nature. Dr. Heller will also address these very important components that often hinder people from thriving with ADHD.

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