Group Support and ADHD Dads Program

Group Support is Currently Available for the Following Topics:

  1. Moms of Young Children: Navigating the ins and outs of early parenthood such as finding community, navigating family boundaries, making decisions in times of COVID
  2. Group Support for people with invisible chronic illnesses: Those with chronic illnesses that can make any given day challenging, but to the outside world you still look pretty healthy and feel like there isn’t the same level of understanding as someone who physically appears sick
  3. Sandwich Generation Support: Those raising children, while caring for an aging or sick family member
  4. Family caregiver Support: Those caring for a loved with a progressing illness
  5. Group for those asymptomatic but at risk for a genetic illness
chronic illness group support Huntington's disease

Groups are run by Hope Heller & run for 90 Minutes weekly for 6 weeks with the option to extend

ADHD Dads Program

  1. Attention ADHD Dads (even if not formally diagnosed), those with executive function limitations, or any father wishing to improve their parenting, time management, work/life balance, self-care, and life satisfaction.
  2. The next meeting will be on Thursday October 19 from 12 to 1 PM. To register, simply click here to get the Zoom link.

ADHD Dads groups are run by Carey Heller. Click here for more information or complete the form below.

​For more information or to register, please fill out the form: