Executive Functioning Homework Center Program (Via Video)

Get assistance with planning, staying on task, and completing homework assignments from your child/teen’s own workspace

Tuesdays 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM starting September 5 (additional days/hours may be added later in the fall)

Does your child or teen struggle with starting homework, making a plan, and executing it?

Would you like to help them do these things more quickly/efficiently after school and assist them in learning to do these things better on their own long-term?

If so, the Executive Functioning Homework Center Program may be an excellent fit.

Dr. Heller has taken his expertise in ADHD and executive functioning skills to create a homework program that helps students get work done in the moment and learn skills along the way to better assist them with being able to plan and complete homework better themselves on their own over time.

Homework Program Basics:

  • Tuesdays from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM via Zoom (by having children/teens plan and complete homework in their own homework environment, it can facilitate excellent training to more effectively executive these items on their own at home since they are receiving assistance in the same environment they normally conduct homework in. 
  • Expanded days/hours may be added later in the fall. 
  • The staff-to-student ratio is intentionally kept very small at about 3 to 5 students per staff member. 
  • Cost: $100 per session. 
  • Students can log on any time during the two-hour block and are welcome to stay on for the entire session. 
  • When they first enter, Shawna Bush, an executive function coach, will greet each person. She will help your child or teen review what assignments they need to complete tonight and what other items might be ideal to work on (i.e., reviewing notes, making flashcards, organizing computer files).
    • If your child/teen has an existing system for planning out and completing assignments, as long as there is some version of a written record of the plan, they can continue to use whatever strategy they prefer.
    • If no system is in place or if desired, Shawna can help students identify and implement a specific system for planning out assignments.
    • Depending on timing of students logging on and interest, the planning piece will be completed in an individual breakout room or small group room (if the student wants to do this).
    • Once a plan is made, students will be expected to work on assignments in their own private breakout room (unless they prefer to remain in a small group room). If they get stuck or need assistance, they can ask Shawna to talk through the issue and problem-solve together. 
  • Prior to the end of the session (or your child/teen leaving), when possible, progress for the session will be reviewed as well as ensuring that they have a plan for completing any remaining assignments for the night.


  1. Email homeworkcenter@thehellerpsychologygroup.com with subject line “Registration” OR complete form below.
    1. Include:
      1. Your name
      2. Child’s name, age, and email address (if applicable)
  2. HPG will send you paperwork through the portal to complete. 
  3. Once the paperwork has been completed, you will be emailed a reservation form that you can use to reserve a homework center slot for a given week.
  4. The Zoom link for each homework center session will be emailed on the morning of the homework center session.