Dr. Heller provides presentations for parents and professionals.

If you are interested in having him come speak, please contact the practice.

Watch some of Dr. Heller’s previous presentations:

Full List of Presentations:

  • (2021) Heller, C. Why Can’t I Use a Task List or Calendar App Effectively? Presented at the CHADD ADHD Conference on November 6, 2021.
  • (2021) Heller, C., Cederbaum, R., Warner, G., Prestipino, P., Zawatsky, A. Supporting and Guiding Your Child with ADHD. Panel Presentation on November 5, 2021. 
  • (2021) Heller, C. Workshop on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Presented Through Amerigroup, Linkages to Learning, and Montgomery County Public Schools on April 14, 2021.
  • (2021) Heller, C. Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Parents. Presentation at the Nora School’s Parent Education Series. 
  • (2019) Heller, C.Thriving Academically with ADHD, Executive Function Weaknesses, and Learning Disorders. Presented at CHADD/NAMI Mental Health Resource Fair.
  • (2019) Heller, C., Price, J. & Geis, V. (2019). The College Years: Getting There, Staying There. Presented at WISER March luncheon.
  • (2018) Practical Executive Function Tools to Help You and Your Child “Get it All Done.” Presented at Somerset Elementary School PTA Meeting.
  • (2018) Chase, R., Gioux, T., Bass, J., & Heller, C. ADHD Experts Panel Presentation. Presented at CHADD DMV Resource Fair. 
  • (2018) Heller, C., Stern, J.,& Wiggins, S. Organizing Your Life with ADHD. Sponsored by CHADD of Montgomery County. 
  • (2018)Professionals Boot Camp Focused on Practical Strategies for Assisting Adults with ADHD. Three hour CE presentation through Aspire Counseling.
  • (2018) Getting the Most out of Testing: Why Testing Matters, Developing Related Study Strategies. Presentation at the Nora School’s Parent Education Series.
  • (2017) Heller, C., Sussman, C., & Bike, D. CHADD of Montgomery County: ADHD Transitioning into Adulthood from Middle School to Age 30. 
  • (2017) Study Skills for Students with ADHD. Presented as part of Montgomery County, Maryland’s Parent Academy Series. 
  • (2016) Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Parents. Presentation at Parent University.
  • (2016) Heller, C., Zametkin, A., Bulitt, J., & Broder, J. CHADD of Montgomery County Back-to-School Resource Extravaganza for Everything ADHD.
  • (2016) Parenting For Independence: Realistic Expectations and Tools for Fostering Age Appropriate Autonomy from Kindergarten through High School. Presentation at the Auburn School’s Speaker Series.
  • (2016) Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Spring Brown Bag Presentation sponsored by CHADD.
  • (2015) Developing Study Skills for Students with ADHD. Presented as part of Montgomery County, Maryland’s Parent Academy Series.
  • (2015) “Where is my stuff? Strategies to Help Your Child Establish Organization Routines in School and at Home”. Presented at the German School’s Parent Café.
  • (2015) Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Parents: Helping teens develop time management, organizational, and study skills for success.Presentation at the Nora School’s Parent Education Series.
  • (2014) Pet Assisted Therapy, Video Games, Active Games, and Other Tools That Enhance Traditional Psychotherapy. Presentation at Collaborative Resource Network’s Speaker Series.
  • (2014) Interpreting Psychological/Psychoeducational Evaluations in Practice.Presentation at NASW-MD Annual Clinical Conference.
  • (2014) Time Management and Stress Reduction. Webinar presentation for Internal Revenue Service.
  • (2014) Heller, C., McAndrews, C., & Duyer, K. From Program to Placement:Navigating Special Education Services.Sponsored by CHADD.
  • (2014) Growing Up with ADHD. Presentation at the Nora School’s Parent Education Series.
  • (2014) Work/Life Balance and Time Management. Presentation at the Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC) Chamber’s Next Execs Lunch and Learn Series.
  • (2013) Bass, J., Heller, C., & Skinner, J. Transitions: How To Empower Students During Change. Presentation at the WISER October 2013 Luncheon.
  • (2013) Understanding and Interpreting Psychological Evaluations. Presentation at The Chelsea School.