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ADHD/Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Adults

ADHD/Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Adults

One-On-One Sessions

Run by Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Dr. Heller’s Executive Functioning Bootcamp for Adults is intended to help develop or fine tune executive functioning skills (i.e., planning, organizing, task initiation) that are highly influential in navigating work, home, parenting, and other domains.   The more comprehensive approach and/or follow up appointments are intended to further support the development, implementation, and maintenance of executive functioning skills from the initial boot camp session.

  • Two Hour Original Boot Camp Session 
  • Two Hour Business Organizational Program
  • One Hour Mini Boot Camp Session 
  • Four Appointment Extended Boot Camp Session 
  • Six Appointment Extended Boot Camp Session 
  • Follow Up Appointments (45 minutes)

Executive functioning deficits can affect individuals in many ways including the following:
Examples of skills covered during Executive Functioning Bootcamp for Adults:

If you need additional assistance implementing these strategies following the boot camp, additional follow up sessions can be scheduled. For more information or to schedule a boot camp session, please contact The Heller Psychology Group or schedule directly here.

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